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Digital Histories

Cortez Village Voices from the Fisheries

This project is a collection of oral histories of Cortez, Florida community members who are involved in maritime activities (such as commercial fishermen, recreational fishermen, crew members, and fish house workers) in order to document the changing face of Cortez Village's marine environment.

Florida's Forgotten Coast

Florida's Forgotten Coast oral history collection, conducted by NOAA Fisheries, includes twenty-one interviews documenting the seafood industry in Franklin County, FL, with an emphasis on Apalachicola, plus two interviews relating to tupelo honey.

Coming Home: Cortez Historic Fishing Village

Sharing the stories of local treasures in the Bradenton Area, SRQTV in partnership with the Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau invites the viewer to explore the authentic Cortez Fishing Village on the West Coast of Florida through the characters who know it best.

Vanishing Culture Project

The "Vanishing Culture Project" was a Florida Humanities Council grant to capture the oral histories of longtime residents of Cortez.   The project also produced several stations about the folkways of the fishermen of Cortez that are placed around the village and a mural painted on the side of a prominent fish house in the community.

 Clear Waters: Stories from the Gulf Coast Commercial Fishing Industry in Cortez

This is a digital archive that contains the oral histories of commercial fishing industry workers in the small historic fishing village of Cortez on the West Coast of Florida. Here, you'll listen to their stories and learn why Florida's commercial fishing industry is one of the most misunderstood in the state.This project was conducted by the Friends of the Florida Maritime Museum and the Florida Humanities.

Mullet: A Tale of Two Fish

Mullet: A Tale of Two Fish - A WGCU Fishing Documentary. The long and storied history of Florida's most under-appreciated fish is explored, including its importance as a food source for Native Americans, Spanish explorers and early Florida pioneers, as well as the rise and fall of Florida's commercial mullet fishing industry in the 20th century.

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